This is the Slide Show used in class − perhaps you sould use it for review.
LAD E2 - Electrolytes
Electrolyte Simulation download − play around with it!
LAD E2 - Alloys
NoteSheet E1 compares and contrasts the Ionic, Molecular, and Metalic bonding.
NoteSheet E2 will provide instruction on writing formulas and naming binary ionic compounds.
NoteSheet E3 instructs on nomenclature using Roman Numerals ions.
NoteSheet E4 instructs on nomenclature using polyatomic ions.
NoteSheet E5 instructs on nomenclature of binary molecular compounds
Practice E1 for practice of binary ionic compounds.
Practice E2 for practice nomenclature using Roman numerals.
Practice E3 practice nomenclature using polyatomic ions.
Practice E4 for practice on naming binary molecular compounds.
Practice E5 for practice ALL of types of nomenclature that we have studied. It will mix them up all together, so stay on your toes.
A customizable Online Quiz (thanks JD)
More practice of nomenclature of molecular compounds
And yet one more online practice for nomenclature
Test Corrections Sheet