Two videos about Light and Color...the second one is a goofy song set to pictures.
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Check out this amazing video about a man becoming a cyborg and perceiving color through sound.

What is fire anyway?

Take an accurate look at various alkali metals in water.
2 Na + 2 H2O 2 NaOH + H2
Or as shown in video: Na + H2O OH- + Na+ + ½ H2

Sodium in a pond − Let me go on record saying that this is somewhat irresponsible, and the resulting increase in pH due to the sodium hydroxide that will be dissolved in the water will not be very good for pond life.

Wondering where did the idea for quantum mechanics come from? ........ Weird and Amazing Entangled States

Schodinger's cats and its association with parallel universes.

This is a pic of my daughter, Emily and I in July of 2011 at the Atomium in Brussels.
The Atomium is a giant model of the arrangement of atoms in solid iron.
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