These are the powerpoint slides and clicker questions from class
LAD D1 - Understanding color.
LAD D2 - Emission spectra
LAD D3 - Flame tests
LAD D4 - Fluorescent Rocks
LAD D5 - Reactivity of alkali metals and halogens
LAD D6 - Reactivity of Copper vs Zinc using Pennies
NS D1 -Understanding light - a brief overview
NS D2 - Quantum mechanics
NS D3 - InClass Lesson on Electron Configuration
NS D5 - Read this Notesheet to learn more about Atomic and Ionic Size
ND D6 - Read this Note Sheet to learn more about Ionization Energy.
P D2 - Electron Configuration Practice.
P D3 - Periodic trends
P D4 - Common Ions
Check out this cool periodic table. If you click the orbitals tab then choose an element, you can see the various shapes of the electron orbitals.
Check out this short 3 min NOVA viedo about fireworks and the "salts" that cause the colors.
Test Corrections Cover Sheet