Print this Lab Safety Contract and get it signed by your parent/guardian. Then return it to class.
First day questionaire, if you lost it from class today.
Unit A (Ch 1 & 2) clicker questions and pewerpoint from class.
What Makes a Good Data Table - Use this to help with guidelines for producing excellent data/results tables.
LAD Safety Poster. This project is meant to be a grade booster, but it will only be a grade booster for you if you follow directions. This project will find out which of you can carefully follow guidelines.
LAD 2.1 - Chemical or Physical
LAD 2.3 - Separating Mixtures
Use this to help you get organized.
Review the vocabulary: Pure vs mixture and Atoms, molecules, elements, and compounds.
Use this Practice to review physical properties.
Practice with the vocab: molecule, atom / element, compound / pure substance, mixture.
Practice solving literal equations
Need more literal equation Practice? Use this online link.
Try this on-line quiz to help with chemical or physical
Test Corrections Cover Sheet