"I am studying, but my test and quiz scores are still not what I would like them to be.”
“On the Tests, Quizzes, Lab work, or Projects I thought I knew it.... but I guess I didn't.
What went wrong?"

First and foremost you should realize that if you are not doing as well as you would like to be doing, you must change some of your habits. The problem is NOT going to get better by continuing to use the same ineffective method of study and classroom behavior.
Use this list of questions and possible answers to help you find out if there might be some ways to improve your study methods or your classroom behaviors. Your answers to these questions should inform your plan for effective change.
  • Did I read the directions?
    • Perhaps I should be sure and read all the directions and the information in the problem before I proceed.
    • When writing lab work or projects did I refer to the format information given and follow those formatting guidelines.
  • Did I rush and make careless mistakes?
    • Maybe I need to read the questions / directions more carefully.
    • Maybe I should check over my test (if time allows) before handing it in.
    • Have I been working on my lab work or projects well before the night before they are due.
  • Did I not study the right information?
    • How do I find out / predict what will be on the Test or Quiz?
      • Use the schedule & assignment page as well as the document page
      • Consider using the "vocabulary" and review questions at the back of the chapter to find out the topics.
  • Did I study the right information and forget it during the Test or Quiz?
    • Perhaps I need to study more effectively so that I can retain more. Have I been listening in class for study suggestions?
    • Have I tried several of the ACTIVE study methods suggested in the list above?
    • Perhaps I should make an appointment with my teacher to get some suggestions for new study techniques.
  • Did I study the right information, but not understand it while I was studying it?
    • It is really important that you ask questions during class - no question is a stupid question, and if you want/need to ask it, there are probably several others who will benefit from your question. (The only stupid question is the one you did not ask.)
    • Do not just sit mindlessly in class. You must be engaged and thinking. Maximize your learning in all 85 minutes of our time together each day.
    • Maybe it would be best not to wait until the night before the Test or Quiz when it is too late to get help. It is important to really work on the material in class, then try more practice at home, then ask questions in class or get extra help after school if the information is still unclear.
  • Do I understand the information now?
    • I must be sure to listen, think, take notes, ask questions to work for an understanding in class.
    • Maybe I need to become a more active learner and ask for help when I am confused.
  • Did I study at all? Did I study long enough?
    • Maybe I should start studying - what am I waiting for?
    • Maybe I need to put more time in - give chemistry the attention that it requires and deserves.
    • Maybe I could be more efficient and effective - perhaps I should meet with Biggs to get suggestions.
  • Do I need to start doing my homework on a daily basis?
    • This might give me more time to let the material sink in as well as provide valuable practice.
  • Do I need to reread or rewrite my notes that I take in class?
    • If I don't understand something, I could ask questions the next day.
  • Did I practice enough, putting myself in a quiz-type situation, or did I just "catalog scan" my homework and assume I knew it?
    • Maybe I need to start reworking my notes, practices, vocab list, review questions, exercises, and quizzes.
  • Essays or short answers - did I not probe the question and answer it thoroughly enough?
    • Maybe I should answer the question, then ask myself why, how, or what, and then answer that.
  • Do I need to get extra help? Do I realize that my teacher is willing to give it?
    • Perhaps I should take the initiative to see Biggs as soon as possible.