Organization will help you stay focused on the concepts, and waste less time.
You will have many papers for this class and it will be important to have them organized so that you don’t waste time trying to access them. You must make use of a three-hole punch (There are several in class and a large electric one as well.) Do NOT stuff your papers into pockets - use the three rings.

You should have copies of all LAD Sheets and Practice Sheets and NoteSheets in your three-ring binder

You will receive quizzes and tests which you will return in class where they will reside in the file-box in your folder until the end of the semester to use them to study for the exam.
You may take notes in class. You can keep these in the three ring binder, or a separate spiral-type notebook if you prefer.

What you might want to do is make section for each new unit,
  • Each of which might contain the following sub-sections or at least arranged
    • LADs
    • Practice Sheets & Textbook Homework
    • Notesheets
    • Class Notes
and then start a new section for each NEW chapter which would each contain the 4 sub-sections listed above.

You probably would only need to carry a 1-inch notebook as you can take out older units as we finish with them, and keep them organized in a folder or notebook at home.

It is not required that you carry a separate notebook for chemistry. You can put your chemistry in a binder with other subjects, but you must keep your chemistry materials separate from other class materials.