Test and Quiz Repair - This is a privilege not a right.

It is expected that you learn material before a test, but in the event that a test does not go so well, you may request the opportunity to revise and then retake a test. Appropriate behavior and focus in class is an expectation of students requesting to improve their quizzes and tests.

The reason homework is assigned with answers provided is so that you can learn the material in a timely/daily manner. You are provided answers to that you can self-correct at home and find out what you know and don't know. When you detect some confusion, lack of understanding or general malaise, try to formulate a question and ask it. Refer to your notes, textbook, website, friends - email the teacher, ask in class, come after school. Most importantly, do something. It will not get better if you ignore it - in fact, it's likely to get worse. This course is really cumulative, and you must keep up with it, or you will soon feel overwhelmed. Getting the homework answers ahead of time does not mean you don't have to do homework. You absolutely should do homework - it will help you have success in this class. Homework is an opportunity, not a penalty. Homework should be "done" - not "looked at." Thus it is expected that you will "work" your homework. This means that you should use a pencil, calculator, extra paper if more room is needed and actually DO out the problems. Only through practice will you get better and faster so you can be confident and successful in class. It is not necessary to do every problem, you will need to self-regulate and determine how many are appropriate for you, for each particular topic - the number of problems that you need to complete will vary from assignment to assignment and unit to unit.

Doing your homework, hard work, and #focus in class will earn you the privilege to repair your quiz and test grades.

When you get a quiz back, may retake the quiz (with in a week or so) if you wish to try to perform better. The re-quiz will be similar, but different, and the grade will replace the old one.

When you get a test back, you may work on test corrections in room 200 after school. You are encouraged to get help from classmates while doing your test corrections. You may also get extra help from me as you work on your test corrections. For tests, If your corrections are thoughtful and thorough you may earn up to one quarter of your percentage points back.

When doing test corrections, use this Cover Sheet