Appropriate Behavior in the Classroom - ABC's
It is expected that everyone, teachers and students, will be treated with respect and dignity in the classroom. Any issues that you may have with your schoolmates, leave them at the door. Think of our class as a team. We will all work together to provide an environment that is safe and comfortable for all of us to maximize our potential and have the opportunity to learn and perform the best that we can.
  1. Just as I prepare for class with you, I expect you will prepare as well. Bring your, ring binder (with notebook paper), calculator, and writing utensil, and any other requested materials to class every day.
  2. Never touch any equipment or materials in the room unless you have been directed to.
  3. The person who is speaking as part of the appropriate discussion (including the teacher) has the attention of the class. While others may choose not to listen, others must not disrupt by talking, making noise, trying to get other students' attention, walking around unnecessarily, or participating in any other disruptive behavior.
  4. When I ask you for your attention, I expect that you will oblige immediately.
  5. When I ask you to do something, I expect that you will do it immediately without extra discussion.
  6. Restrict your bathroom use to before and after class (unless it is a class III emergency).
  7. As mentioned before, when you enter the room your phone and/or i-pod should be put away - not off, but still in your ears - AWAY. Work from other classes will be put it away. Any inappropriate materials will be will be taken and returned at the end of the period. Any multiple offenses of inappropriate materials will result in a longer confiscation time.
  8. I care a lot about the room that I teach in, the equipment in it, and expect that you will help me take good care of it. All trash must go into the trash can. Do not use the drawers, floor, bench tops, sinks, or other spaces around the room to dispose of your unwanted materials. Do not write on any part of the desks or lab benches.
  9. Again, I can not and will not make you learn. I can not and will not make you do the work, however, I will not allow you to participate in any behavior that inhibits the learning of other students in the classroom.
Appropriate Behavior during Tests and Quizzes
While there are many times that you will work collaboratively with your classmates, quizzes and tests are meant to evaluate your own work.
  1. Your teacher probably needs counseling to deal with her cheating paranoia - I am the equal opportunity believer in everyone's ability to slip to the dark side. So please don't take it personally, but I am very vigilant about your work being your own. In spite of the outside pressures to perform, it is my expectation that you will take personal ownership of what you do know, and what you don't know. When you don't know something, accept responsibility, and work to learn it.
  2. Unless directed by the teacher or at the top of the quiz or test, assume that you may not use any other materials other than a periodic table and a calculator.
  3. Your eyes must stay on your own paper. It is cheating to look at someone else's work even if you have already written your answer on your own paper.
  4. You may not pass notes, papers, books, ring binders or calculators to another student.
  5. The rule is simple: If you look like you are cheating, you are. Because the I cannot read your mind, I must assume this. The solution is simple: Do not cheat, and do not even appear to be cheating.
  6. When you finish your quiz or test, you must engage in other work quietly. There will be no talking until all of your classmates are finished.