Chemistry is a fun and exciting branch of science! There is so much to discover and learn about the nature of matter i.e. "stuff", the changes it goes through, and energy in the world around us. There is a lot of new vocabulary to learn. It's almost like learning another language except the grammar is the same. There are intriguing concepts to master, and mathematical skills to be applied to these chemical concepts. You won't just be able to memorize. You will have to be able to explain HOW and WHY "stuff" behaves the way it does on the macroscopic and nanoscopic levels. Most importantly, you will be DOING chemistry while learning how to think, ask questions, problem-solve, collect data, compare & contrast, organize, analyze, hypothesize, summarize, draw conclusions, and then communicate and write clearly about all of this. One of the first requirements of the successful chemist is organizational ability.

YOU SHOULD HAVE (and bring to class each day, please see the teacher after class if you do not have any of the first 3 items):
  1. writing utensil
  2. your three ring binder with paper & all class work in an organized fashion (Your textbook can be left at home.)
  3. Scientific (or graphing) calculator
  4. willingness work hard and learn lots
When the bell rings, class will begin. You should be in your seats and getting started on the start-up activity.
  1. Restroom use should already have happened - during passing time.
  2. No food may come into the room. The only drink allowed is water.
  3. You must put away all passing time materials: -i-pods, phones, guitars, cards, other class homework, or they will be confiscated.
  4. Your bag should be UNDER the desks and notebooks, calculators, and pencils/pens out and ready.

  1. Grading Policy
There is no separate grade for class and LAD participation such as: asking questions, listening actively, proposing ideas and solutions to problems, and coming to class prepared every day. However, everything you do (or don't do) in this class counts toward your grade. What you do or don't do will affect your performance on graded work: tests, LAD questions, projects, quizzes, and semester exams. Tests and projects are worth 65% of the quarter grade, and quizzes & LAD grades are worth 35% of the quarter grade. Each quarter is 45% of the semester grade and the final exam makes up the remaining 10% of the semester grade. You can view your grades at anytime on Ask your teacher for your class log−in code.

Test & Quiz Retakes

Check out this page for more information about repairing poor grades. Retaking tests and quizzes is a privilege not a right.

Late Policy

All assignments are expected to be done (at the beginning of the period) on the day they are due. If your assignment is late because of an unexcused absence, you will not get credit. For anything handed in after the time it is due, the grade will drop by 10 % per day.

Extra Help Policy
I am more than happy to meet with students for extra help. My only requirement is that you MUST come prepared to all extra help sessions with specific questions or problems to address. You must bring your notebook and calculator. I will not just review a concept unless you have formulated a particular question about that area of study. If you would like to meet, just ask. I am available most every day after school. (Lacrosse practice in the spring does not start til after 3 pm.)

Absence Policy
If you miss class on the day of a test, quiz or when any assignment is due, you must turn in all work and/or take the missed test or quiz on the FIRST day you return to class. If your absence is an unexcused absence or you are asked to leave the classroom due to your behavior, you will receive a zero for the assignment. (Being asked to leave due to your behavior will count as an absence for the day.) If you must miss a class due to illness, use the web site to get the assignments and class notes then phone a classmate for any extra details, and come after school. Modifications to this policy may be warranted in the event of an extended absence (3 or more days in a row). YOU are responsible for anything you miss, and YOU must remember to turn things in!! Absence is not an excuse.