Northampton High School Laboratory Safety Rules

As we all know, accidents do happen and, unfortunately, the chemistry laboratory is no exception. I am responsible for the safety of my students. As a student, you are responsible for the safety of yourself and those around you. I have listed some rules which will be strictly adhered to at all times in the laboratory. By following these rules, we can work together in making the lab a safe, enjoyable learning experience. After reading these rules, link to the lab safety contract below, print it, sign it with a parent or guardian, and return it to your teacher.

Please print the NHS Lab Safety Contract: Students and parents/guardians sign and return to teacher.

  2. Safety glasses will be worn for all lab work. Points will be deducted every time you are identified as not wearing your goggles properly. State law calls for eye protection in the laboratory. Aprons are always provided and will be worn when necessary.
  3. Hazardous materials and/or situations will be identified in the lab handout, and discussed in Pre-Lab discussions.
  4. Study your laboratory assignment before you come to lab. If you are in doubt about any procedure or hazardous materials, ask for help.
  5. The laboratory is to be used for thinking, trying and questioning, not a time for socializing. Concentrate on the laboratory assignment.
  6. Do not touch lab or demonstration materials unless ok'd by the teacher.
  7. Do not perform any unauthorized experiment. Read and follow all directions carefully. Fooling around by mixing chemicals you have not been directed to may produce disastrous results.
  8. Report any accident, injury, or incorrect procedure to the teacher immediately.
  9. Be neat and organized when working. Keep all unnecessary materials (especially backpacks) in the classroom area.
  10. Become familiar with the locations of the phone, fire extinguisher, fire blanket, eye-wash, and safety shower.
  11. No eating in the classroom. No eating or drinking in the lab. Do not taste any materials in the lab.
  12. Do NOT EVER put your pens or pencils into the chemicals. Use a glass stirring rod if necessary. Do NOT use your writing utensil as a stirring rod.
  13. Do not touch your eyes or mouth while handling chemicals. Wash your hands thoroughly before leaving the lab.
  14. Proper clothing must be worn during all labs. When informed previous to the lab; shorts, sandals, and sleeveless garments will not be allowed.
  15. Students with long hair must have it tied back. Part of the flame of a properly adjusted Bunsen burner is colorless. Leaning over the lab bench and forgetting the burner is on, could ignite the hair. Loose clothing and dangling sleeves should also be avoided for the same reason.
  16. Laboratory prep rooms are off limits to all students, unless accompanied by an instructor.
  17. When heating a substance in a test tube, be careful not to point the open end of the tube at another person or yourself.
  18. Read the labels on all chemical containers carefully before using. Make sure you are using the correct substance.
  19. If you spill acid or another corrosive chemical, wash it off immediately with water, then report to the teacher.
  20. CAUTION - hot objects do not look hot. Use hot holders - rubber grips or tongs as appropriate.
  21. Do not sit on the lab tables.
  22. Use the dust pan and broom to place broken glass the designated cardboard container (at the back end of the center lab bench). For the safety of Ed, the trash man, do not put broken glass in the regular trash can.
  23. The sinks are NOT trash cans. Do not put matches in the sink! Allow matches to cool on the lab bench, then put them in the trash can.
  24. All solids should be disposed of in the trash (not the sink) unless informed otherwise.
  25. Liquids are to be flushed down the sink unless informed otherwise.
  26. Any LAD with toxic fumes will be done in the hood. Other LAD's may involve fumes or odors. Avoid inhaling any fume or odor directly. Only test an odor when directed by your teacher to do so, and use a wafting motion toward your nose.
  27. Keep all combustible materials away from open flames (including your pens, pencils, or any other object).
  28. Shut flames off by turning off the gas (rather than the burner) when the Bunsen Burners are not in use and double-check that the gas if off before you leave.
  29. Shut off hot plates and thermometers after lab work. Hot plates do not look hot yet can cause serious burns.
  30. All lab equipment and materials will be properly used, cared for, and returned at the end of the lab. Your lab area should be cleaned up with sponge and paper towels if necessary.
  31. Horeseplay, pranks, and other acts of mischief will not be tolerated.

Please print the NHS Lab Safety Contract, sign it, have a parent or guardian sign it, and return it to your teacher.